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Sustainable development of non-fired brick machine-feasibility analysis report of non-fired brick factory

1. Overview of non-fired brick development

According to incomplete statistics from relevant departments in China, more than 300 million tons of various industrial and mining waste slags are currently discharged each year, including 100 million tons of coal gangue, 80 million tons of fly ash, 20 million tons of blast furnace ore, 7.5 million tons of steel slag, and 500 non-ferrous metal slags. 10,000 tons, and with the rapid development of China's national economy, the emissions of waste residues increase at an alarming rate, which not only consumes huge amounts of money, occupies a large amount of land, but also seriously pollutes the environment, causing serious harm. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of industrial wastes has gradually received the attention of leaders at all levels and the people. The utilization capacity has been increasing year by year, which is in line with the "Strengthening Wall Materials" proposed in the "National Economic Development Plan and the Eighth Five-Year Plan Outline" The requirements of “renovation”, energy-saving, land-saving, and material-saving investment directions and industrial policies are also in line with the spirit of the “Notice on Limiting the Development of New Wall Materials for Destroyed Fields and Bricks” issued by the State Council and local governments. Large swallows of industrial waste. Turn harm into profit, turn waste into treasure, and reduce pollution. Save energy and reduce consumption, protect arable land and benefit future generations.

2. [Policy-oriented]

New wall materials can enjoy a series of preferential policies

In order to encourage the development of new wall materials to replace solid clay bricks and support the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residues

State Council Order No. 82, Guofa "1992" 66, Caishuizi "1995" 44, State Office issued "1999" 72, Ministry of Finance "State Administration of Taxation" 2001 "198 and other documents stipulated:

New wall materials can enjoy a series of preferential policies

1. Develop infrastructure, expansion, and technological transformation projects for new wall materials, and implement a policy of adjusting the tax rate for fixed asset investment to 0%.

2. Projects for the development of new wall materials can be included in the capital construction investment projects of the China Development Bank and can enjoy policy loans.

3. The development of new wall material projects, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, exemption of imported equipment tariffs and value-added tax on imported products.

4. Any enterprise that uses bulk coal gangue, slag, and fly ash outside the enterprise as its main raw materials to produce building material products will be exempt from income tax for 5 years from the date of production and operation.

5. For building materials that contain at least 30% coal gangue, slag, fly ash and other waste residues in the raw materials produced by the enterprise, the product value-added tax is exempted.

6. The slag discharge unit is not allowed to charge or disguise charges for the production of new wall materials in any name. For enterprises that use waste slag to produce new wall materials, the slag discharge units shall actively support them and may provide subsidies if conditions permit.
7. Land-use tax may be reduced or exempted for enterprises producing new wall materials, and land-use tax shall be levied on enterprises producing solid clay bricks.

8. For northern energy-saving houses built with new walls, a policy of adjusting the tax rate of fixed assets investment to 0% will be implemented.

9. In urban construction, the use of solid clay floor tiles as a filling material for frame structures is restricted, and the use of solid bricks with a strength level below MU10 in buildings with more than 5 floors is prohibited.

10. The development of energy-efficient buildings and new wall materials will be included in the overall urban construction plan to ensure that new wall materials will grow at a certain rate each year.

11. Actively implement the calculation of house prices based on the area used.

12. Add a certain cost to the use of solid clay bricks, establish a "special fund" for the development of new wall materials, and use it for wall materials companies' technological transformation and construction application technology research and development.

13. Each region allocates a certain percentage of the technological transformation funds for technological transformation of wall material enterprises.

14. Heating areas must meet the "Energy-saving Design Standards for Civil Buildings" promulgated by the state on schedule. Non-heating areas must develop specific plans for the application of new wall materials in conjunction with improving the building's thermal environment, and vigorously organize implementation to promote new wall materials and insulation The development of thermal insulation materials promotes the comprehensive promotion of energy-efficient buildings.

15. For large and medium-sized cities, energy-saving buildings and new-type wall materials can be appropriately reduced or exempted from supporting facilities for urban facilities according to local conditions.

3. Brief introduction to the project of no-fire brick factory

Non-fired bricks use fly ash, coal gangue, river sand, stone slag, smelting slag and various tailings slag as the main raw materials. According to the different raw materials, the best scientific formula can be adjusted, and the molding and construction are carried out through advanced process equipment. The 25-day cycle can be officially put into production, with significant economic and social benefits, protecting the environment and ecological balance. At present and in the future, the reform of non-fired bricks must ban clay sintered bricks and new wall materials. The reform has opened a new way for China's national economic construction.

4. Features of non-burning bricks

The characteristics of non-fired bricks are not found in any other wall bricks. With a reasonable scientific formula, coagulants and trace chemical additives are added in a certain proportion, so that the particle size, humidity, and mixing degree are strengthened with reasonable equipment processes to achieve the best. In a plastic state, the brick is quickly hardened after high pressure pressing. The longer the time, the better the effect. The brick is more practical. The wall does not need to be soaked and the appearance is neat.

Compared with traditional red brick production, it has the following characteristics:
1.Benefits, waste, soil and energy saving
2. Extremely wide source of raw materials
3. Protected the ecological environment
4, high strength, not afraid of water, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance

The technical parameters of the brick are as follows:
1. National specifications: 240 × 115 × 53 (other special-shaped specifications can be made according to user's requirements)
2. Weight: 2.5-3kg / piece. Due to different raw materials, the weight is slightly different.
2. 3. Compressive strength: 7.25Mpa—19.6 Mpa

Various technical indexes of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are superior to clay sintered bricks.

5. Production principle of non-fired brick

Fly ash, coal gangue, slag and other industrial waste residues contain relatively high silica, alumina, and iron oxide. After the raw materials are mixed and rolled, they are fully hydrated to form silicon and aluminum glass bodies.This glass body is oxidized after hydration. Calcium combines to produce a chemical reaction, which is called "volcanic ash reaction". The chemical equation is as follows:

Hydrate Active Substance

The hydrated silicon (alumino) calcium calcium silicate in the chemical reaction is a colloidal glass body.This colloidal glass body is not stable, but under the action of additives, it will gradually solidify with the continuous reaction over time, forming a high-strength network. The structure, combined with the reasonable allocation and maintenance of raw materials, has formed the strength of autotrophic bricks.

6.Benefit analysis of non-fired bricks

1. Cost analysis The new environmentally friendly energy-saving non-fired brick is the best ideal product to replace clay bricks. It can make full use of local waste resources and use one or more of them to mix and stir. These waste resources for industry and agriculture do not cost money or less. Money bought. Therefore, the cost of producing the product is large, the profit is high, and the efficiency is high.
2. The cost estimate is based on the most abundant waste resources in the local area, such as slag, slag, stone dust, fly ash, shale, mixed ash, tailing ash, construction waste, etc. One or several of them can be selected arbitrarily, and the collection and distribution is calculated based on the weight of 5 pounds per brick. The cost of waste raw materials is 0.04 yuan / block, and the cost of core materials is 0.04 yuan / block. Then the cost of each brick is 0.08 RMB / block, that is, the cost of raw materials = scrap (0.04 RMB / block) + (0.04 RMB / block) = 0.08 RMB / block
3. Cost calculation If you build a medium and large-scale factory, you need to invest about 400,000 yuan, 50,000 standard bricks per day, and 7-8 people need to be labored. The calculation is based on 35 yuan per person per day: staff salary: 35 yuan x 8 people per day = 280 yuan / day ÷ 50000 bricks = 0.0056 yuan / block electricity cost estimate: 0.006 yuan / block management fee (sales fee): 0.005 yuan / block total cost per brick: raw material cost + staff salary + electricity cost + management fee + equipment depreciation That is: 0.08 yuan per block + 0.0056 yuan per block + 0.006 yuan per block + 0.005 yuan per block = 0.0986 block
4. Profit calculation The market price of each brick varies from place to place, generally 0.2-0.3 yuan / block, now it is calculated at the factory price of 0.20 yuan per block:
The profit per brick is: brick price 0.20 yuan / block-cost 0.0986 yuan / block = 0.1014 yuan / block. The annual profit is: producing 1.5 million blocks per month. Based on 10 months of each year, it can produce 15 million blocks × 0.1014. Yuan / block = 1.521 million Yuan According to the above analysis, the project is feasible and risk-free. (Different raw materials and formulas will change profit data, please calculate according to local raw materials and formulas)
7. Non-fired brick production process

Loading machine → mixer → belt conveyor → brick press → brick billet → maintenance → finished product → factory

According to the technical requirements of the production line, the following conditions for establishing a factory are required:
1. The road is clear, so that raw materials can enter the factory and finished products leave the factory.
2. The power supply voltage is 380V and the capacity is 30KVA.
3. The production site should be level, and sufficient space for natural conservation is needed.
4. Water source, generally tap water.
5. The equipment should be installed in the factory building.
6. The site selection should be as close to the road as possible and far away from the residential area.

Through analysis and evaluation, it can be known that the production line scheme is technically feasible, economically reasonable, no risk, small investment, quick results, and considerable economic benefits. It not only solves the problem of industrial waste land occupation, saves a lot of land, but also arranges labor and solves social personnel The employment problem has also reached the ambitious ideal of getting rich. This project is an early investment and benefits early. The market lasts for a long time and is an excellent project supported by the state! Competition in the market is competition in quality. Minglei Heavy Industry keeps improving with the tenet of creating benefits for you. In the past few years, the product has a large number of customers. It is precisely because the majority of users have put forward many valuable opinions to our factory while trusting Ming Lei Heavy Industry, so that Ming Lei Heavy Industry has introduced, digested and absorbed advanced technologies , The product can be continuously improved; the large float reduces the cost in order to return to the customer.
3. 8. Our quality service process

■ Consulting

◎ Accept various inquiries from users to build customer awareness of the product.

◎ Provide all kinds of product information needed to let customers understand the characteristics of the product.

■ Analysis Services

◎ Confirm the business scale and provide targeted guidance to customers.

◎ From the customer's actual situation, design a personal construction plan for the customer.

◎ Reflect the subjective initiative, participate in the supervision of the construction process throughout the process, and achieve close cooperation.

■ Sales service

◎ Establish construction drawings of infrastructure, water, electricity and other processes for customers.

◎ Establish a management framework for customers, and train relevant personnel in production management, equipment maintenance, quality control, procurement, and marketing.

◎ Guide the installation on site.

◎ On-site training of production processes and operators of various departments.

■ After-sales service

◎ Use management software to create user files.

◎ Receive technical consultation 24 hours to respond to various emergencies facing customers in a timely manner.

◎ Engineering technicians return to visit regularly to investigate and improve the occurred and potential incidents.

◎ Distribution of parts and components in various places to maintain fast and accurate logistics distribution.

■ Additional services

◎ The equipment and scale are updated to ensure customers' long-term use of the equipment.

◎ Provide the latest industry information to keep customers in control of the latest developments.

◎ The application of new technology and new technology truly reflects the concept that Ming Lei once cooperated and benefited for life.

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