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Ball press technology: Encouraging progress in briquette water resistance research

Ball press technology: Encouraging progress in briquette water resistance research

技术与型煤防水性方面做了一些工作,尚未取得突破性进展。 Some research institutes in China have done some work on ball press technology and briquette water resistance, and have not made breakthrough progress. 不散,复干后抗压强度可达原强度的85 %。 The Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanxi Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. uses inorganic substances and additives as a binder. The briquette produced is soaked in water for 2 hours and will not disperse. After redrying, the compressive strength can reach 85 % of the original strength.
Chongqing University uses black liquor and weathered coal to make a composite binder. The briquette produced has a certain degree of water resistance. %~ 16 %,煤球强度可达500N /个。 The added amount of the binder is 14 % to 16 %, and the briquette strength can reach 500N / piece . %、增粘液2 . Anshan Thermal Energy Research Institute adopts the method of adding waterproofing agent and tackifier to pulp black liquor to produce waterproof briquette, adding 14 % black liquor and thickening liquor 2 . %,防水剂1 %。 3 %, water repellent 1 %. 粘结剂,配人10 %~ 12 %,生产出的气化型煤冷强度~418N /个,浸水2h强度>209N /个,热强度>210N /个。 The HM binder developed by the Hefei Institute of Coal Science is matched with 10 % to 12 %. The gasification coal produced has a cold strength of ~ 418N / piece , 2h immersion in water strength > 209N / piece , and thermal strength > 210N / piece .
Briquette costing
The costing here is limited to the costing of briquettes. The Jincheng and Yangquan gasification briquettes will be the object of cost accounting. Cost accounting is divided into three parts, one is the cost of pulverized coal and lump coal, the other is the cost of the binder, and the third is the processing cost. Then combine the sale price of pulverized coal and briquette for economic analysis.
The current price of raw materials is: the difference between lump coal and pulverized coal is 120 ~ 150 yuan / t, and the proportion of pulverized coal is about 90% (that is, the binder is added at 10%); labor cost and water cost per t coal Electricity cost is 25 yuan; equipment depreciation is 10 yuan per t-shaped coal. The annual output of briquette is 50,000 tons, and the cost accounting of the two gasification briquettes is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Cost accounting of briquettes
Serial number
Jincheng Briquette
Yangquan Briquette
Yuan / t briquette
Water, electricity, artificial
Yuan / t briquette
Yuan / t briquette
Yuan / t briquette
Lump coal-fine coal
Yuan / t briquette
120 ~ 150
120 ~ 150
Profits and taxes (5-4)
Yuan / t briquette
35 ~ 65
5 ~ 35
Annual profits and taxes (50,000 tons)
Ten thousand yuan / year
175 ~ 325
25 ~ 105
If a briquette plant with an annual output of 50,000 tons is invested for 5 million yuan, the investment can be recovered in 2-3 years. In addition to direct economic benefits, briquettes are also conducive to protecting the environment, with significant economic, environmental and social benefits.
Jincheng pulverized coal has the advantages of low ash, low sulfur, high fixed carbon, high heat generation, and high ash melting. In addition, Jincheng pulverized coal has good formability. Therefore, Jincheng pulverized coal is used as a raw material to produce high-strength waterproofing. Gasified briquettes have a good market prospect. Because Yangquan pulverized coal has high total sulfur and poor formability, it is costly to produce gasified briquettes, which is not easy to be accepted by users.
(1) The main constraint of the coal-based energy structure is that the emissions of atmospheric pollutants exceed acceptable levels, and the way out is to develop clean coal technology with the purpose of efficient and clean use of coal. Many achievements have been made in the development and application of briquettes; some of these technologies have been industrialized.
我国的煤炭变质程度较深,宜采用粘结剂低压成型,既可简化成型工艺,也可降低生产成本。 (2) China's coal has a high degree of metamorphism. Adhesive low-pressure molding should be adopted, which can simplify the molding process and reduce production costs. The requirements for briquette binders are small additions, inexpensive and readily available, and widely distributed. Does not contain harmful ingredients and does not cause secondary pollution.
发展气化型煤代替块煤,用于固定床气化炉,具有显著的经济效益、环保效益及社会效益。 (3) The development of gasified briquettes instead of lump coal for use in fixed bed gasifiers has significant economic, environmental and social benefits.
今后,型煤的发展要根据市场需要,进一步降低成本,提高技术含量,加大推广力度。 (4) In the future, the development of briquettes should further reduce costs, increase technical content, and increase promotion efforts in accordance with market needs.
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