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The hot pressing process of the ball press consists of the following four stages

The hot pressing process of the ball press consists of the following four stages

1. Coal preparation
(1) Coal quality
As far as coal quality is concerned, you can choose a single type of bituminous coal with a certain cohesiveness that is suitable for the hot-pressing process (Y value can be about 10mm). Blended with anthracite, weakly sticky coal, and non-sticky coal (where the threshold of cohesive bituminous coal should be> 15mm)

(2) Granularity
The particle size of coal should be crushed to <3mm, and the fine particle coal powder <1mm should be controlled to 85 ~ 90%.
(3) Moisture
In order to facilitate the feeding and metering, the moisture in coal is best controlled at 2-4%.
2. heating
Rapid heating is the key to pulverized coal hot-pressing technology. In a short period of time, pulverized coal at room temperature is used in several sets of vertical tube heating devices in series. ℃), is quickly heated to the softening temperature range of coal (420-450 ℃).
3. forming
In the pulverized coal briquette briquette unit, the pulverized coal with good adhesion and plasticity can be pressed to form hot briquettes through temperature homogenization, extrusion plasticization, and melt molding.
4. Hot
The blocks that have not been hardened just after being pressed from the briquette ball machine are sent to the hot cauldron. Under the condition of isolated air, the hot blocks are gradually cooled and hardened gradually to a dense and hard texture The coke-like briquette of coal has a significantly improved degree of crush resistance through hot upsetting

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