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Ball press knowledge: what are the main factors affecting the briquette forming process

Ball press knowledge: what are the main factors affecting the briquette forming process

Wetting and bonding between coal particles and the binder directly affect the briquette quality. Taking coal and tar pitch molding as an example, in addition to the moisture content of coal, which affects the soaking and bonding of coal particles and tar pitch, the viscosity and composition of asphalt also affect the molding process. The viscosity of the asphalt determines the cold compressive strength of the briquette; the amount of coking components in the asphalt determines the thermal stability of the briquette. When bitumen is formed with low-volatile coal, the coking components form a bituminous coke skeleton in the briquette structure, so that the briquette has good thermal stability. In order to obtain the most suitable viscosity for asphalt binders, former Soviet scholars studied the important properties of asphalt. It is found that there are two phases in which asphalt viscosity changes significantly, one is the transition phase from solid to plastic state; the other is the transition phase from liquid to high flow state. Asphalt is solid at room temperature. Only when the temperature is above 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ above its softening point, can asphalt be mixed with coal particles and fully wetted. Former Soviet Union scholars used a special material polishing technique to study the mixture of coal and asphalt binder through microscope observation. The results show that the asphalt binder can only partially soak the coal particles during the forming process. Into the material of the molding machine, most of the coal particles are formed by "binder bridge" connection.
The research results show that the binder before forming should be in a plastic state and have good expandability. The binder in the briquette should be cured as soon as possible after forming to form a skeleton structure capable of withstanding the mechanical force, so that the briquette has sufficient strength. The strength of a block is a reflection of the overall strength of a concrete-like structure composed of particles and cured binder. If the structural strength of the molding material is lower than the 66 skeleton strength formed by the curing of the binder, the crushing fineness of the molding material is increased to increase the total surface area of the particles. The strength of the block depends on the structural strength of the material.

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