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Detailed explanation of the overall coal production process and environmental points of ball compactor

Detailed explanation of the overall coal production process and environmental points of ball compactor

The coal production process of the ball press can be divided into the following processes:

准备部分 1 preparation section
If crushing is required, then the correct choice of crusher is the most important. Depending on the type of coal, different crusher or different crushing equipment operating conditions are required. The particle size of the materials required for the molding feed should not be too fine, but the distribution is wide and the bulk ratio is important. Usually a vertical composite grinder is used. If drying is required, use an efficient fast dryer. Such as vertical dryer equipment.
储存、处理、捏合和煤的捏合增塑 2Storage, handling, kneading and kneading plasticization of coal
h70th的型煤、采用石油沥青或类似的热塑性物质作粘结剂的型煤厂为例,热塑性粘结剂由铁路运到场址,从底卸车或侧卸车卸下后存放在地下,然后用破碎机破碎一下。 Taking a briquette plant with an output of 60t / h to 70t / h and an asphalt briquette using petroleum pitch or similar thermoplastic as an example, the thermoplastic binder is transported to the site by rail and unloaded from the bottom or side dump truck. After being stored in the ground, it is broken with a crusher. When needed, this garbage-like adhesive is sent by the hoist to the floor bin for storage.
The pulverized coal stored in the silo is discharged into the metering hopper from several "trouser leg" flow channels. The rudder discharge belts and metering buckets at different speeds under the warehouse measure the correct feeding amount into the screw conveyor, and the adhesive is crushed by the vertical composite crusher. The two materials are pre-mixed by a small double screw mixer, and then lifted to another screw feeder, which discharges the materials into two vertical kneaders; the excess material overflows from the chute at the tail of the auxiliary feeder. In the vertical kneader, the mixture of coal and binder is converted into torsional material by saturated steam or overheating. In addition, steam also plays the role of "wetting agent", which can make the binder on the surface of coal particles. Apply a uniform film.
The throughput of the vertical kneader is determined by the moisture content of the raw materials and the temperature required to heat the coal mixture to optimal plasticity. If these parameters and the productivity of the molding plant are known, a kneader can be designed to match this use.
Through the nozzle system distributed throughout the housing, the temperature 250 ~ 300 250kPa的蒸汽被注入到物料中。 The steam with a pressure of 50kPa - 250kPa is injected into the material.h60th之间。 The amount of steam required per ton of material is different, but it is usually between 30t / h and 60t / h . Because different parts of the kneader require different amounts of steam, each nozzle is equipped with a regulating valve. The mixing arm is installed on the vertical shaft in the center to stir the material and prevent the material from sticking to the wall. The design, quantity and distribution of the mixing arms are determined by the materials to be processed. At the bottom, the rotating discharge device discharges the material through the remote control gate. By adjusting the corresponding feed volume, the signal of the level indicator can be used to maintain a suitable level. To avoid wear, a removable bushing is mounted on the inner wall of the housing. External insulation can use a steam or hot water jacket to minimize heat loss. Excess steam is collected by the fairing and discharged into the atmosphere. Usually each kneader is driven individually.
成型 3 molding
The conventional molding of coal uses thermoplastic binders and relatively good plastic materials. Before the materials enter the feeder of the roll forming machine, the volatiles emitted from the mixed materials are discharged to the horizontal screw conveyor.
The molding of a moderately warm, plastic coal and binder mixture, more precisely, makes it have a certain shape but only makes it dense, so the required unit pressure is relatively low.cm ,因此使用较小的轴承和使用较宽压辊的成型机也有很大的生产能力。 For example, the pressure used divided by the roll width is described as kN / cm , so a molding machine that uses smaller bearings and a wider press roll also has a large production capacity. Because the quality of forming and briquette improves with the increase of the diameter of the press roll, the roll diameter of the machine is generally larger than 750mm , Usually l 000mm or 1400mm .
加工的。 The shape of the briquettes that shape the briquettes is processed by electrochemical milling (ECM) . This processing technique can arbitrarily choose the shape and size of the stamper. For market reasons, briquette producers usually want to be able to distinguish between their products and their competitors with naked eyes. The shape of the briquette can be changed according to the determined process. The beautiful and beautiful briquette can even add marks such as stripes, letters, trademarks, etc. to the product design.
Coal contains impurities, whose composition and quantity depend on the source of the coal. Even if the coal itself is relatively soft, the mixture is already plastic, and the forming pressure is small, these impurities still cause wear. Therefore, the pressure roller is equipped to be more skinning, and the skinning is heat sleeved on the roller core.
个压辊由完全封闭的双输出轴齿轮减速器和有压辊同步装置的齿形偶合器驱动。 The two pressure rollers are driven by a fully enclosed double output shaft gear reducer and a toothed coupling with a pressure roller synchronization device. Even if the material contains a thermoplastic binder and has been plasticized, the material still has relatively good flow performance. Therefore, a gravity feeder with a tongue plate controller or a distribution tray can be used to feed the roll forming machine. The details of the design of the roll forming machine will not be reviewed here.
平型煤的冷却和装车 4 Cooling and loading of flat briquettes
Almond-shaped, oval-shaped or column-shaped briquettes are soft and are transported by conveyors and chutes to the belt conveyor cooling system. The length of the system should ensure that the briquette is cooled and has sufficient strength to meet the needs of the next step of processing. If necessary, a multi-layer belt conveyor can be installed, and water or air can be sprayed on the briquette to accelerate the cooling of the briquette. 例如温度较高)则需要在惰性气体中冷却。 In special cases ( such as higher temperatures ) , cooling in an inert gas is required. If other binders are used, a hardening treatment is required.
粉末和碎片及不合格型煤的循环 5 Recycling of powder and debris and unqualified briquettes
The excess human material overflows from the chute, the unqualified briquettes or the debris sieved by the sieve, the powder and debris from the unloading sieve are collected in the conveyor and sent to the waste bin. The material is discharged from here at a certain speed and crushed by a hammer mill. The homogenized recovered material is sent from the conveyor to the main material stream and added to the double screw mixer.
Substandard briquettes can be produced when the system is started and not in equilibrium, such as when the temperature is disturbed. The rod screen under the roll forming machine can be easily "opened" remotely by the operator in order to discharge unqualified materials to the recycling system.
粉尘的控制 6 Control of dust
The molding plant should be designed with a dust removal system, and the collection points are distributed on the kneader, screw conveyor and feeder of the molding machine. Cyclone dust collectors are used for dust collection, and wet dust collectors can be used if required. The dry dust is returned to the double-screw mixer, and the slurry of the wet precipitator is returned to the raw coal dryer or discarded according to the situation. Dust removal is also required at other sections of the briquette plant.

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