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Required reading about briquette briquette machine knowledge

Ball press is the key equipment in briquette production line. ZQ series briquette forming machine is decelerated by a motor through a belt and a reducer, and the two pressure rollers are rotated relative by a pair of synchronous gears. The compacted material is demoulded under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. It has the following six structural characteristics:
① The roller skin is made of high-quality alloy steel forging blanks, which are quenched as a whole, with a hardness of more than HRC60, high strength, good wear resistance and long service life.
② The forming roller of briquette briquette machine adopts the most advanced inlaying structure in China. It can be disassembled and replaced on site for two to three hours, which is very convenient. One can avoid the locking phenomenon that is easily caused by the interference fit of the roller skin and the wheel hub. Second, it can avoid the process of hot-packing when disassembling the roller skin and sending it to the manufacturer to press out the roller skin with a press, which saves costs, freight costs, and labor and time.
③ In order to solve the problem of shed material caused by the feeding of angle pile materials, the material inlet of the forming machine adopts a mechanical material shifting device and a polymer wear-resistant anti-blocking lining, which is evenly distributed without shed material.
④ Ball sockets of different specifications and shapes can be processed according to user requirements. After grinding, the ball sockets have high smoothness and are easy to demold.
⑤The feed inlet is provided with an adjustment plate to adjust the feed volume to ensure that the material compression ratio is controlled within a certain ratio range, the ball forming rate is as high as 96%, and the strength is high.
⑥ The briquette ball press is pressurized by a hydraulic cylinder, and an accumulator is installed in the hydraulic system to ensure both the forming pressure and the safety of the equipment.
Also check the ball press on a regular basis: open the internal cleaning inspection, check the wear of bearings, spirals, triangular liners, nozzles and other components, replace bearing grease; scan into the dust on the ball press, dismantling process Attention should also be paid to dust removal, and dust must not be allowed to intrude into moving parts during dismantling inspection; remove the inspection cover of the reducer to check the wear and toothing of the gear; remove the bearing cover of the roller, check the wear of the bearing; check the foundation bolt Whether the safety bolts are loosened and tightened.
Use and inspection of equipment lubricants: the gear oil in the open gear box must penetrate more than 60 millimeters of gears; the gear reducer must be filled with gear oil, and the filling amount must penetrate 60 millimeters of gears; the roller bearing is opened every three months. Bearing replacement Grease butter or butter gun.
Due to the harsh working environment of the ball press and the high intensity of the work, routine maintenance is particularly important. The equipment is necessary for daily maintenance and inspection during use. Pay attention to check whether the installation screw is loose, the amount of oil, the motor current, the heating of the bearing, and the pressure of the cylinder when the V-belt is running. The oil pressure of the oil cylinder should be stopped and checked. If there is a change in pressure caused by changes in air temperature, oil leakage, etc., new oil should be injected or run back to correct the oil pressure period to reach the specified working pressure change. If oil leakage is found in the oil pressure system, it should be stopped , Start after repairing the oil leak. Effective daily maintenance and repair can prolong the service life of the equipment, minimize the shutdown caused by shutdown, and effectively ensure the continuous work of the equipment.

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