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Convenient installation is the characteristic of the dome, with a set of instant and effective installation, debugging, and troubleshooting solutions. Here, the common precautions in practical engineering and the effective methods of troubleshooting are briefly put forward. Only with proper installation and proper maintenance can the dome camera perform as it should.
Before installing the ball machine, the pipelines should be laid in strict accordance with the electrical specifications, and strong and weak electrical signal lines should be isolated and routed to avoid interference. In outdoor open environments, independent external lightning protection measures should be taken. The dome itself should also be well grounded to prevent static accumulation from affecting the dome. The power, communication and video cables must be properly connected during installation. Please refer to the installation instructions carefully when connecting to confirm the communication method and corresponding pin definitions. Generally, the equipment should be installed in the later stages of construction to avoid a large amount of dust from entering the dome at the construction site, which directly affects its use effect and life.
In addition, the following considerations should be given extra attention:
Grounding: The grounding of the dome is mainly divided into the shell grounding and the internal electrical grounding. The grounding of the shell is mainly used to prevent the accumulation of static electricity and electrical leakage. Outdoor ball machines must also be equipped with external lightning protection measures. Generally speaking, the outdoor dome casing installed on the pole support has naturally formed ground protection due to being screwed to the metal support, so no special treatment is required. The data cable and video cable inside the dome camera have been properly grounded. Connect the GND terminal inside the dome camera to the ground wire to ensure the equipment is effectively grounded.
Power supply: In order to ensure the normal operation of the dome, the power supply should not be lower than the nominal value of the input voltage of the dome. At present, there are 220VAC model ball machines on the market. In essence, a transformer is built in the ball cover, and the ball machine is powered after voltage change. The wiring should emphasize the separation of strong and weak currents to avoid the interference of strong currents on weak currents. The dome camera has limited internal space, and the built-in transformer makes the strong and weak currents coexist, which affects the weak current signals. In addition, the built-in transformer will increase the burden of heat dissipation, thereby increasing the possibility that the built-in circuit will burn out. When centralized power is supplied, full consideration should be given to the loss of electrical energy by the transmission line. Choose equipment with higher output power and increase the output voltage appropriately to bear the line voltage drop. For example, choose 28VAC output to power the remote dome camera.
Has the dome been powered enough? It can pass the multimeter test. The method is to use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the power line at one end of the dome with the load (ball dome) turned on, and observe whether the voltage is within the scope of the dome. It is important to note that the power consumed by the outdoor dome is very different when the heater is started or stopped. When powering the outdoor dome, the maximum power required for the dome in the worst environment must be considered. When the mains voltage fluctuation exceeds the range of + 5% to -10%, an AC voltage stabilization device should be provided. UPS can be installed to provide uninterrupted and stable power supply.
Waterproof: Outdoor dome installation must be waterproofed. For suspended installation, there is a gap between the dome and the bracket. In case of rain or snow, water will seep into the interior along the gap and cause harm. Therefore, waterproof sealing measures should be taken during installation to prevent rainwater from entering the dome mounting bracket from the screw interface. The original bracket is recommended. The original bracket fully considers the waterproof problem, such as the tilting design makes the dome screw end slightly higher. Even if the water enters the bracket, it will only flow back into the column, and will not flow into the ball machine. Therefore, if users make their own brackets, they should fully consider the waterproof factor. Why are there water drops in the stand? Generally, during the day, the temperature is high, and the water vapor in the pole enters the support. When the temperature decreases at night, water vapor will condense into water droplets and condense along the wall of the support. When the stand is not tilted or tilted in the opposite direction, water droplets will flow into the dome along the wall, causing harm. In order to reduce water vapor from entering the bracket, the joint between the bracket and the pole can be sealed with plasticine or silicone.
Ground loop circuit: Even if the equipment is effectively grounded, there are differences in the zero potential between the dome camera and the center equipment, and there is an imbalance in the power load, which will still cause a ground potential difference. This potential difference generates a current through a closed loop formed by the coaxial cable, causing interference, thereby affecting the normal transmission of the video signal, and usually manifests as horizontal clutter in the middle of the image. The most effective way to solve the problem of the ground loop is to add a ground loop isolator in the video transmission. At present, most indoor / outdoor dome video signals are still transmitted by coaxial cables, and some domes are far away from the center equipment, which makes it easier to form ground loops. If the optical transceiver is used for signal transmission, the influence of the ground loop can be avoided more effectively.
Heat dissipation: The heat dissipation of the dome must also be considered. Some brands of dome cameras on the market do not have outdoor models, so they cannot be directly used outdoors. They must be equipped with accessories such as outdoor shields. The Pelco outdoor dome camera includes standard elements such as a sunshade, heater, and dual cooling fan, making it suitable for outdoor harsh or extreme temperature differences.
Equipment debugging: After the installation of each dome camera, the individual debugging should be performed first, which can reduce the burden of the whole system debugging. Pelco's dome provides RJ45 interface for single unit debugging. Connect the dome camera with the debugging tool kit through the RJ45 interface, you can debug the dome camera's output image, PTZ rotation, lens stretching, etc. You can also enter the dome menu for further initial settings.

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