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Briefly understand the problems that the ball press should pay attention to in terms of grounding and ground loop

Briefly introduce the problems that the ball press should pay attention to in the grounding and ground loop circuits. Now let's analyze it.
The grounding of the ball press is mainly divided into the housing ground and the internal electrical ground. The grounding of the shell is mainly used to prevent static electricity accumulation and electrical leakage. Outdoor ball presses must also be equipped with external lightning protection measures. The outdoor ball press housing installed on the pole support has been naturally grounded because it is screwed to the metal support, so no special treatment is required.
Even if the equipment is effectively grounded, there are differences in the zero potential between the ball press and the center equipment, and there is an imbalance in the power load, which will still cause a ground potential difference. This potential difference generates a current through a closed loop formed by the coaxial cable, causing interference, thereby affecting the normal transmission of the video signal, and usually manifests as horizontal clutter in the middle of the image. The most effective way to solve the problem of the ground loop is to add a ground loop isolator in the video transmission. At present, most indoor / outdoor dome video signals are still transmitted by coaxial cables, and some domes are far away from the center equipment, which makes it easier to form ground loops.
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