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Brief outline of the matters needing attention regarding ball press installation

Regarding the matters needing attention in ball press installation, let's analyze it now.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the ball press, the power supply should not be lower than the nominal value of the input voltage of the ball press. When the nominal value is 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed ± 25%. The common working voltage of ball press is 24VAC. In essence, the transformer is built in the ball cover, and the ball press is powered after the voltage is changed. The wiring should emphasize the separation of strong and weak currents to avoid the interference of strong currents on weak currents. The internal space of the ball press is limited, and the built-in transformer makes the strong and weak electricity coexist, which affects the weak electric signal. In addition, the built-in transformer will increase the burden of heat dissipation, thereby increasing the possibility that the built-in circuit will burn out. When centralized power is supplied, full consideration should be given to the loss of electrical energy by the transmission line. Choose equipment with higher output power and increase the output voltage appropriately to bear the line voltage drop.
Regarding whether the ball press has obtained sufficient electric drive, it can pass the test of a multimeter. It is particularly important to note that the outdoor ball press has a very different power consumption when the heater is started or stopped. Be sure to consider the maximum power required for the ball press in the harshest environments.
The grounding of the ball press is mainly divided into the housing ground and the internal electrical ground. Shell grounding is mainly used to prevent static electricity accumulation and electrical leakage, etc. Outdoor ball presses should also pay special attention to external lightning protection measures. The data and video cables inside the ball press have been properly grounded. Connect the GND terminal inside the ball press to the ground wire to ensure that the device is effectively grounded.
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