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Detailed analysis report of soil sifter

The emergence of the soil sifter was mainly established to meet the needs of large-scale civil engineering. The structural components of the soil sieving machine mainly include stirring drums, support frames, motors, speed changers, central shafts, stirring blades, cleaning scrapers, and rotating arms. And walking wheels. Forced mixers are also usually equipped with tie rods or screws to adjust the mixing blades to ensure that the mixing blades and the mixing drum are properly spaced.
The mixing shaft and blades of the soil sifter are the most important stirring components. When the stirring blade is installed, the working surface and the horizontal plane should be kept at a certain angle, so that the stirring ability of the forced mixer can be increased, and the stirring quality can be improved.

The main advantages of the soil sifter control system:

1. The control system is controlled and managed by an industrial control computer workstation

2. The entire control system is designed and manufactured with imported large-scale integrated circuit modular structure.

3. Fully automatic closed-loop detection, dynamic fault alarm and fault Chinese character display.

4. The output control adopts photocoupler isolation low voltage control and AC sine wave zero-cross non-contact starting technology.

5. The entire control system uses the system clock provided by the computer for timing, with high timing accuracy and reliability.

6. The electronic scale sampling data communication system has the function of automatic data transmission proofreading, which can ensure the accuracy of data communication.

型筛土机投资分析报告 WHB-180A Type Screening Machine Investment Analysis Report
1. Initial investment is one WHB-180A soil sifter .

Second, the workload is 8 hours a day, based on 100 square meters per hour, 800 square meters.

3. The comprehensive price of each party is 4 yuan * 800 yuan, and the total daily income is 3,200 yuan.

Fourth, the daily labor cost of 2 people * 80 yuan, 160 yuan, the power consumption costs belong to the engineering party.

V. Calculated based on 8 hours a day, the income is 3,200 yuan minus the salary of 160 yuan, and the daily net income is 3,040 yuan. The investment cost can be recovered by accumulating one month.

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