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Matters that should be paid attention to

Regarding the matters that the ball press should pay attention to strictly, let's briefly introduce it now.
① The particle size of the materials to be processed must be less than 3 mm, otherwise it will affect the molding and reduce the service life of the machine.
② It is strictly forbidden for hard objects such as iron and stone to enter the machine, and the damage caused by it shall be borne by the user.
③, regular maintenance, observe whether the reducer and bearing housing are short of oil.
④ It is strictly forbidden to start with heavy load and non-technical personnel to dismantle and adjust equipment arbitrarily.
Environmental protection and energy conservation are the topics of common concern to the country and enterprises. Increasingly tight coal supply and the strengthening of environmental protection measures have made enterprise users and consumers who use coal as raw materials continue to seek economic and efficient energy alternatives. The characteristics of uniform particle size, strong reactivity, good thermal stability, and sulfur and smoke elimination are gradually being recognized and accepted by Yanda users. Especially in fertilizer enterprises, the effect of reducing costs after using briquettes is very significant.

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