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Lubricant selection principles for sub-ball machine equipment such as briquette briquettes

1. The briquette ball press machine usually operates outdoors, and its environmental characteristics are mainly as follows:

1. Ball presses are mostly heavy-duty, medium-speed or low-speed transmissions, and most of them require frequent starting and often bear shock loads.
2. As the ball press machine should be able to withstand wind, sun, rain, and temperature changes throughout the year.
3. The ball pressing machine should be able to move frequently, be able to adapt to changing working conditions, and have large load changes.
4, the pressure ball machinery environment is harsh, humid, there is rock dust, so we must also consider dust and corrosion issues.
5. Due to the consideration of economic benefits, the ball press machine is required to be durable and easy to maintain.

2. We have already understood the characteristics of the above mining machinery, so we have put forward the following requirements for the selection of lubricants:
1. It is required that the viscosity of the lubricating oil changes with temperature to be small. It is necessary to avoid the viscosity being too high when the temperature is low, which makes it difficult to start and run. Membrane, can not play the role of lubrication.
2. Due to the high oil temperature when the ball press works, this requires the lubricant to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

3. It is required that the adaptability of the lubricant to the seal is better, so as not to damage the seal.

4. Due to the harsh environment, coal dust, rock dust, and more water, the lubricating oil is inevitably contaminated by these impurities. Therefore, it is required that the lubricating oil has good antirust, corrosion resistance and anti-emulsification performance; it is required that the lubricating oil be polluted. As a result, its performance does not change much, that is, it is less sensitive to pollution.
5. For some briquette briquette machines, especially some machinery used in mines prone to fire and explosion accidents, it is required to use a lubricant with good flame resistance (flammable liquid), and combustible mineral oil cannot be used.

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