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Abrasive wear of ore powder ball compactor should be replaced in time

All customers who use ore powder ball presses know that ore powder ball presses cannot be used blindly. We must pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance, and even roughly turn the ore powder ball presses before running each day. Checking again
Generally speaking, ore powder ball presses have been working for a long time, and the parts must wear out. This is a normal thing. If this kind of problem occurs, we just need to find a way to solve it. However, there are several different ways of wear, and the abrasive wear on the ball press is very serious.
Abrasive wear is the biggest killer of agricultural machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery and equipment. The form of wear varies depending on the force distribution ratio. When the abrasive powder ball mill moves relative to the surface of the part, the force acting on the material is decomposed into a component force perpendicular to the surface and a component force parallel to the surface.
The component force perpendicular to the surface causes the abrasive to be embedded in the surface of the part, and produces a large number of dense indentations on the surface of the plastic material like hardness. After repeated effects, fatigue and damage occur. For brittle materials, brittle failure occurs without deformation of the surface. The tangential movement of the abrasive is due to the component force parallel to the contact surface, which causes the surface to be scratched and cut leaving grooves. For brittle materials, the abrasive cuts many debris from the surface in one go.
In order to save time and trouble, many operators are always lazy and do not check and repair. This is very wrong. Because regular inspection and maintenance of the ore powder ball press can not only ensure the normal production of the machine, but more importantly, protect the safety of everyone's life. So Dongfang Machinery reminds you not to just look in front of you, but to look a little longer.
When we are overhauling the ball crusher, we must pay particular attention to the replacement of the ball crusher accessories. Many customers are thinking that this part can be reused, just stick to it, it wo n’t work, and it will save some cost. In fact, otherwise, there are certain requirements for the maintenance and replacement of the parts of the ore ball compactor. If the wear is too serious and cannot be repaired or continued to be used, it must be replaced with a new one. Only by timely replacing the accessories of the ore powder ball press can the normal production of the ball press be not delayed. Regular maintenance of the ore powder ball press can maintain the normal life of the ore powder ball press
Anyone who has learned physics knows that there is a strong relationship between everything. Therefore, the wear of the abrasive powder ball compactor is due to these two forces.
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