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Dongfang ball press manufacturer introduces the current situation of our national energy

Oriental ball press manufacturers: Since the reform and opening up, with the development of briquette ball press technology and the impact of national policies on China's urban gas rate, centralized heating rate and power consumption have increased rapidly, and the quality of urban and rural people's living energy has improved significantly However, according to statistics from relevant Chinese government departments, coal still accounts for 61% of urban domestic energy use, and 60% of rural domestic energy use depends on fuelwood and straw. By the end of 1996, only 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country had been connected to villages and villages, and there were still 60 million people without electricity, which seriously affected the modernization process in China. There are both reasons for weak national strength and unbalanced regional development, as well as long-term debts caused by heavy production and light living; the main reason is the eagerness to achieve success in the guiding ideology, blind optimism, and seeking for new and faster , The result is rush. For example, there are lessons from using oil to replace coal in energy policies. Improving the quality of domestic energy consumption and taking the road of high-quality gasification, centralized heating, and electrification are our established goals. But when to achieve, how to achieve the goal is a matter of millions of households. We have to face the gap squarely, all starting from China's national conditions, adapting to local conditions, and taking the road of living energy briquetting is an important way to gradually improve the quality of urban and rural living energy. Basic situation of energy production and consumption in China.
China is the largest developing country in the world, and has a large population. The basic national condition of a weak foundation is reflected in the following characteristics in energy:
1. China's energy supply and demand situation will persist for a long time: According to the statistics of China's Statistics Bureau, in 2003 China's coal and electricity production still ranked first and second in the world, and crude oil production ranked fifth. Nevertheless, due to the large population and the process of industrialization, energy will change from a net exporter to a net importer due to the rapid economic growth in 20-30 years. According to relevant experts' predictions, China will import 150 million tons of crude oil and 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2020, while a small amount of raw coal will be exported.
2. China is a large country in energy production and consumption, but its per capita consumption level is very low. According to international standards, it is a subsistence-consumption energy consumption.
3. The coal-dominated situation in China's energy structure is difficult to change.
4. China is a big country in energy production and consumption, but also a big country in energy waste. The energy consumption per unit of GNP is six times that of Japan, three times that of the United States, and 4.5 times that of South Korea. On the one hand, this shows that China's energy waste is serious, on the other hand, it also shows that the energy saving potential is huge.
As mentioned above, we must establish a resource-saving national economic system and an energy consumption system to ensure the realization of two fundamental changes. Ball press forming technology and coal briquette are imminent.
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