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Repair measures of high speed shaft fracture of ore powder ball reducer

Repair measures for broken high-speed shaft of ore powder ball reducer:
In order to reduce the impact on the production of ore powder ball press, we recommend using “drilling and planting” mosaic method to repair.
The broken gear shaft is machined and drilled on the broken end face, with a diameter of 100mm, a depth of 110mm, and a counterbore diameter of 150mm and a depth of 4mm. The purpose of the counterbore is to match the flatness. One shaft head was machined with 45-gauge round steel. The diameter of 160mm on the shaft head was originally a shaft sleeve, which is now treated as a whole. Pay attention to the length of each part of the shaft head to ensure the same as the original gear shaft. The shaft hole 110mm selects an interference fit, and the interference amount is 0.06mm. According to the expansion amount, an oxygen-acetylene gas torch is used to uniformly heat, and the temperature of the gear shaft hole can be increased by 50 ° C to meet the installation requirements. In addition, a hole with a diameter of 8mm is drilled at a position 10mm away from the axial center of the shaft head to discharge the air in the hole after installation.
The shaft head can also be quickly fitted by the hot-loading method. When installing the reducer, care must be taken to ensure the original installation dimensions. The coupling must also be adjusted for concentricity. The oil supply pipe at the bearing should be checked and cleaned. One of the oil holes in the bearing should be aligned with the oil supply pipe port. Always turn on the oil supply system to make the bearings fully lubricated before turning on the machine. The method took 8 hours, and after 2 months of full-load operation after repair, almost no abnormalities occurred. To ensure safe operation, after the new shaft arrives, remove the original shaft and install the new shaft.
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