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Optimization principle and selection process of briquette coal briquette

The optimization principle and selection process of briquette briquette coal formula: The briquetting effect of briquette briquette machine is related to the nature of the raw materials. First of all, the industrial analysis of various coals and other raw materials used is carried out. At the same time, field surveys are conducted on the construction of ceramic kiln to determine its constraints on fuel briquettes to ensure the strength index, coal quality index and particle size of briquettes. For the applicability of the kiln, the binder was screened and optimized according to these constraints in the laboratory's binder screening experiment.
Before laboratory experiments, first analyze and summarize the resource status, supply feasibility, and supply price of the collected various binders, and then fix a proportion of raw coal, and then choose the binder according to the orthogonal test method. In the test, according to the constraints of briquette technical and economic indicators, the first two types of binder selection were proposed as two sets of binder formulations for pilot applications. During this period, various objective functions should be set up for computer optimization design and calculation.
There must be a gap between the results of laboratory research and the results of industrial tests, which are implemented in two steps in industrial tests. Firstly, the conventional production process (similar to carbonized coal balls) is used to produce two sets of formulated briquettes. After testing the physical and chemical performance indicators, they are put into a pottery kiln for combustion trials. Based on the user's evaluation and the environmental protection department's sewage monitoring results, comprehensive analysis Suitability of coal. Then optimize the binder formula, the proportion of raw coal and the production process conditions, so that the briquette achieves the best combustion effect, cost index and pollutant discharge result.
Processing process of briquette briquette machine: After several investigations and demonstrations, based on the experience and lessons of the development of fuel briquettes at home and abroad, combined with local resource conditions, it was determined that the briquetting process was performed using low-pressure binder cold-pressing.
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