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Technical index of ball forming machine

Technical index of briquette forming ball: determination method of briquette performance index:
1. Cold strength: Take 10 briquettes randomly and place them one by one on a smart particle strength testing machine for pressure feed test, record the pressure value indicated when each briquette cracks, and calculate the average value, the unit is N / ball, each The ball intensity value and the average error within the range of + 50N is valid for the test, and the ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.
2. Thermal strength: Take 10 briquettes randomly and bury them in an iron box containing clean fine sand (single layer, 5 balls at a time), and take out immediately after constant temperature at 850 for 30 minutes to determine the compression value. Calculate the average value in N / sphere.
3. Immersion strength: 10 briquettes are randomly immersed in clean water at 25 degrees Celsius, and the cold strength is measured after 2 hours. The average value is N / ball.
4. The industrial analysis, calorific value, sulfur content, chemical activity, slagging characteristics and ash melting of briquette are measured according to relevant national standards.
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