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Oriental coal briquette machine manufacturers explain iron-containing dust and mud (1)

Oriental coal briquette machine manufacturers explain iron-containing dust and mud:
1. Sintered dust: The main parts of the sintered dust are the sintering machine head, tail, finished product granulation, cooling and sieving, etc. The fineness is between 5-40μm, and the specific resistance of the tail dust is 5 × 109—1.3 × 1010Ω? Cm, total iron content is about 50%. It is collected by various dust removal devices to obtain sintered dust sludge. The head uses a multi-tube dust collector to capture sintered dust, and the dust recovery process at the lower part of the tail end of the electric dust collector.
2. Blast Furnace Dust Sludge: Blast furnace dust sludge is carried along with the blast furnace gas during ironmaking. The dust of raw materials, fuels, and the non-ferrous metal vapors with low boiling points generated by the fierce reaction in the high temperature area are collected by the dust collector. The dust treatment and recovery process of the dust removal system of the screening room returning to the mine. The particle size of the gas ash of the gravity precipitator is relatively coarse and the carbon content is high. The particle size of the dust obtained by wet dust removal or bag dust removal is small, and it is not easy to dehydrate. Some gas ash contains higher non-ferrous metals such as zinc and lead, with a total iron content of 20% -40%.
Blast furnace powder is divided into dry and wet. Dry dust particles are collected by dry dust collector, which is called blast furnace gas ash. Wet dust particles are relatively fine and are captured by gas scrubbers and wet-proof devices. They are generally in the form of mud, which is called high-hue gas mud. Generally, dry and wet dust sludge is 1: 1, but due to different processes and dust collection methods, the ratio is different.
Blast furnace gas mud is mainly composed of magnetite, hematite, coke, calcium ferrite and other minerals. Iron minerals are mainly Fe3O4 and Fe2O3. Other metal minerals are mostly in the form of oxides. Chemical composition and quality of blast furnace dust mud Degree of dispersion. The content of metallic iron is very small, only white metallic iron beads are embedded in the slag phase, and there is almost no independent metallic iron; the magnetite part is a granular form of the independent phase, and most of it is a glassy cemented self-form in the sintered ore Crystal magnetite; hematite is mostly small particles of raw ore, ranging in size; coke exists as particles of various shapes, including coarse-grained mosaic, fine-grained mosaic, filamentous, etc., isotropy is rare. The iron minerals are mainly magnetic iron and hematite, with a share of 89.55%. The density of blast furnace dust and mud is 7.72 to 3.89g / cm3, and the specific resistance is (2.2-3.40 × 108Ω? Cm).
Iron mineral is the main component of blast furnace gas mud (ash). The total iron content is 25% -50%. It can be used directly for sintering ore, but the amount is too small. The ore dressing method is used to recover the blast furnace gas mud (ash) iron ore. The material can fundamentally solve the problem of re-recycling of blast furnace gas mud (ash).
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