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Oriental coal briquette machine manufacturers explain iron-containing dust and mud (2)

Oriental coal briquette machine manufacturers explain iron-containing dust and mud:
3. Steelmaking dust sludge: Steelmaking dust sludge includes open hearth dust, electric furnace dust, and converter dust. Compared to ironmaking dust sludge, it has a higher iron content and less impurities. During the hot metal refining process, due to the high temperature, the molten iron and some low-melting-point metal impurities gasify and evaporate. The molten steel boils and bursts, splashing a large amount of fine metal droplets into the human vapor phase, and after cooling, it becomes a solid suspended solid. The entrained dust also enters the gas phase with the flue gas, and the total of these suspended matter is steelmaking dust.
Open hearth dust is the powder collected by flue gas purification and electric dedusting in the production of open-hearth oxygen steelmaking. More than 90% of the particles are smaller than 10 μm in size and are brownish red or yellow brown powder. , The fineness is less than 30μm, and has the characteristics of large viscosity, finer particle size, extremely dry, high iron content, and less impurities.
Converter dust is a colloidal dust removal sludge from a steelmaking plant. It is difficult to dehydrate and concentrate. After dehydration using a filter press, the moisture content is still high and sticky, and the ferrous oxide content is high. There are two ways to capture converter dust: one is to capture converter dust through a moving hood-cooling flue-Venturi saturated scrubber; the other is to convert converter dust through a moving hood-steam boiler-forward cooler — The dry electrostatic precipitator was arrested. The total iron content is between 50% and 60%, and the fineness of 80% is less than 40μm.
Electric furnace dust is the dust produced during electric furnace steelmaking. The particle size is very fine. In addition to iron, it also contains zinc, lead, chromium and other metals. The specific chemical composition and content are related to the type of steel smelted. Generally, carbon steel and low alloy steel are smelted. Dust contains more lead and zinc. Dust for smelting stainless steel and special steel contains chromium, molybdenum, nickel, etc. The main catchment methods are smoke trap and flue bag dust collector. 10% to 20% of zinc lead, more than 90% of fineness less than 2μm.
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