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Application of desulfurization gypsum ball press neutral dryer

Desulfurized gypsum ball presses are made of briquette, which is made of soft, brittle, and high water content due to the addition of binders during the production of briquette. Generally, the briquette is about 13%. The excessively high volatile content and the rapid precipitation of crystal water molecules will destroy the thermal stability and thermal strength of the briquette, which will cause the briquette to collapse and pulverize in the furnace, so un-dried briquettes cannot be immediately put into the furnace combustion. Therefore, the preparation of briquettes requires a drying or drying process, and it is difficult to meet the target requirements by natural drying of briquettes in a short period of time. Moreover, natural drying also requires a certain amount of time and a lot of manpower and space. Generally, natural drying into the furnace cannot meet the needs of production, especially in northern China. Due to the difference in temperature between the north and the south, the average winter temperature is below 0 ° C, and it is easy to freeze in the external environment and cannot be dried naturally. Therefore, the application of briquette in the north is limited. In the production and use of briquettes, it is necessary to increase the drying device. Because the production and consumption of briquettes are relatively large, the heat required to dry the briquettes is also relatively large. So without a larger heat source. It is difficult to guarantee the production requirements of briquettes. The problem of briquette drying has become an obstacle that has plagued the development of the enterprise for a long time, restricting the development of the enterprise. The vertical dryer developed and produced is an ideal equipment for briquette production line for drying, which can fully meet the requirements for briquette drying. The structure is simple, the design is reasonable, and the operation is reliable. The current performance and drying of briquette equipment The technology has been at the leading level in the domestic industry.
Vertical dryer is a product specially designed and developed for the drying process after briquette (coal briquettes or briquettes) is formed. Its working principle is to input wet briquette into the vertical dryer and then to the cylinder. Into a moderate amount of hot air. It utilizes the waste heat of the boiler tail gas provided by the flue gas, which is an ideal source of hot air. It does not require additional production costs. The briquettes are placed in multiple layers along the height direction, so the dryer has a small footprint and a large volume. .
The basic principle and technical characteristics of the vertical dryer are as follows: the operation process is automated, the dryer implements closed-circuit television automatic monitoring, and the control system consists of three parts: electrical control, temperature control and monitoring system. It controls the entire dryer. Operation. The operator can observe the temperature of multiple inlets and outlets and the distribution of materials in the tower according to the conditions displayed on the television terminal. It adjusts the feeding and holding methods in a timely manner. It uses a low-voltage closed control cabinet and uses a closed-circuit monitoring device to carry out image monitoring and centralized control of the actual situation of the feed bin in the dryer. The operating status, performance, indicators, measurement, monitoring and protection of various equipment of the dryer system. The temperature in the dryer adopts an adjustable digital temperature controller and an ultrasonic light alarm device, which realizes a closed-loop automatic temperature control system by manually adjusting the valve and other driving mechanisms.
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