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Test machine for ball press production line (1)

Test machine of ball press production line:
1. Electrical connection, this work must be completed by a full-time electrician: first check the connection of various electrical components of the switchboard. See if the pile head is loose. See if the components are connected to each other (short circuit). After everything is normal, turn on the main power and turn on the grounding device. Check the condition of each meter and indicator. After there is no abnormality, the line is connected to each device, and each device is equipped with a ground wire device. After the electrical power of each device is connected, the machines do not hang the triangle belt empty motor to test the rotation. In the case of turning), put on a V-belt for empty machine test rotation; after the single machine idling is normal, enter the whole line of empty machine test rotation. After everything is normal, enter the test run of the load; when the load is running forward, check the load of each meter on the switchboard. If the load is overloaded, adjust the feed amount. After everything is normal, production can be normal.
2. Conveyor: Adjust the central support so that the middle support and the conveyor frame are at a 90-degree state, and fasten the fixing bolts; butt the conveyor belt so that the anastomosis line of the tape interface and the edge of the tape are at a 90-degree state. Tighten the connection buckle so that the two ends are not misaligned. Adjust the tightness of the conveying tape and require the lower side of the conveying tape to be close to the upper edge of the moving roller of the bracket, and no sagging can occur. Test the machine by turning it to see if it has drifted. If there is, adjust the lower roller balance, run left tight left, right tight right, until it does not deviate.
3. Encryption machine: first adjust the steering to ensure the forward rotation; adjust the belt tension, the tightness requirements: press down the belt with your hands, the sag should not exceed 1 cm; the gap between the two rollers should be adjusted to 0.8-1.5 mm is the best. The method is to press down or lift the inclined iron; test the empty machine and start to load the test load after there is no abnormality; observe the state of the extruded material, it should be a sheet-like block, feel a certain strength with the pinch, and do not become powdery. can. If not, continue to adjust the gap between the two rollers until satisfied.
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