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Test machine for ball press production line (2)

Test machine of ball press production line:
4. The ball press first adjusts the steering to ensure the forward rotation: adjust the belt tension, the tightness requirements: press down on the belt with your hand, and the sagging does not exceed 1 cm; the gap between the two rollers is adjusted to ensure 0.5-1mm The best is between. The method is to press down or lift the inclined iron; test the empty machine and start feeding the test load after there is no abnormality; observe the ball situation, and there must be no sticking rollers without demolding. If there is a need to polish the forming rollers, the method is to repeatedly test the pressure on the machine with dry coal until all the molds are released.
5. Briquette dryer: After the balls pressed by the ball press are naturally dried, the drying cylinders are filled (about 30 tons per drying cylinder); after the balls are filled, they are sent to the drying furnace. The hot air is about 2.5 hours. When the furnace temperature rises to about 200 degrees, the ball press starts to feed the dryer through the conveyor, and at the same time, the lower gate of the dryer is opened to start the dry ball. The output of the gate opening should be equal to the feed of the ball press. Observe the dry and wet conditions of the ball. If the drying effect is not good, the air volume should be increased to increase the air temperature and the furnace temperature, and vice versa. Supply air volume, reduce furnace temperature. Until the effect is the best;
6. Raw material preparation before starting: The moisture content of the raw material cannot be greater than 7%; the adjustment of the feed amount should be determined according to the ball situation. The best intensity shall prevail. Too small strength is not good, too large will easily stagnate the machine, and the motor load is too heavy, which may cause damage to the machine or burn the motor.
7. This equipment is a continuous operation equipment, which can work continuously for 24 hours: After the entire line is normally produced, a full-time staff must observe and monitor the working conditions of all equipment. Failures should be removed in time when the vehicle is found to be ill. Work on the reducer and gearbox lubricating oil should be replaced one month after production, and replaced every six months thereafter.
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