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Speed regulation method of ball press

The ball pressing machine is referred to as a forming machine. In China, the significant difference between a roll-resistant ball pressing machine and an ordinary counter-rolling ball pressing machine is that by controlling the amount of material intrusion and the speed of the forming roller, a stable high pressure can be established at the forming position of the forming roller. The poplar is shaped under this high pressure. The forming pressure is related to the amount of bite of the material and the speed of the roll. When the ball press works, the two related quantities have a best matching working point. Speed regulation is usually used to make the ball press work at this point. From the perspective of dragging, there are hydraulic speed regulation and electric speed regulation. Electric speed regulation includes DC speed regulation and AC speed regulation. The DC motor has excellent speed regulation performance, but its structure is more complicated than that of the AC motor. The commutator part requires a large amount of maintenance, and the commutation is difficult when the speed is too high. This limits its scope of application. After the introduction of electronic and computer technology in the field of AC speed regulation, developed countries abroad have replaced AC speed regulation with AC speed regulation in production in China. In recent years, AC motor speed regulation has also been successfully applied.
According to the analysis and comparison of several speed regulation methods, it is most reasonable to use the frequency conversion speed regulation method to adjust the speed of the high-pressure roller ball press. We have selected a computer-controlled Pulse Width Withering (PWM) inverter, and the actual operation shows that its speed regulation performance fully meets the design requirements.
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