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Application of ball press in fertilizer extrusion granulation (1)

Application of ball press in fertilizer extrusion granulation:
The fertilizer extrusion granulation process uses a wet method, which requires mixing a single wet raw material and then drying it, which has a high energy consumption. Most of the energy is used in the drying system, and only a small part is used for the crushing of large particles and the transportation of products. For the wet process, the drying process is very critical, because the water inside the particles needs to be dried out, otherwise the water will migrate to the surface of the particles during storage and cause agglomeration. At the same time, the porous granular material crusts due to recrystallization during the granulation process, which also hinders granulation. Therefore, the drying process is very slow and inconvenient to operate.
Direct extrusion granulation of dry powdery materials avoids the expensive process of drying. As a result, energy consumption and production costs are reduced. The dry granulation process generally involves first extruding the material into compact large pieces in a ball press, and then obtaining the product after conventional crushing and screening. The sieved oversized particles are recycled back to the crusher, and the unqualified small particles are returned to the extruder. Sometimes the product is further processed as required, such as rounding the product particles, wrapping with pesticides or slow-release agents to improve the slow-release performance.
The agglomeration performance of the fertilizer mixture varies with the following factors: the physical and chemical properties of the material, the method of mixing, and the storage conditions of the final product. Because the breaking strength is related to the number of crystal bridges per unit volume, it increases as the particle volume increases. Therefore, granular fertilizers are generally less prone to agglomeration than powdered fertilizers. If the granulation process is dry (ie, without a liquid binder), it is more difficult to agglomerate.
One of the most advanced equipment for extrusion granulation. The width of the roller shaft reaches 1000 mm and the diameter is 1000 mm. There are four screw feeders. The maximum pressure between the rollers is about 6800KN. According to the design bearing life and the roller shaft Speed (6000-9000KN), roller speed is about 12 rpm. The equipment has a capacity of about 50-80t / h of fertilizer raw materials. The thickness of the extruded wavy block is about 14-16 mm. Of course, the rollers with smaller diameter and width rollers have a spiral or gravity feed. The capacity of the feeder, and the adjustable roller speed and plate thickness are relatively small. There are larger equipment that can handle 100t / h potassium fertilizer. The design principles of these machines are basically the same. They all have a patented, high-strength, prefabricated frame, and a hydraulic pressurization system that controls the floating rollers. Roller bearings that are automatically lubricated; bearing reduction gearboxes with double output power; floating gears, couplings and gaskets on them to allow the rollers to unload horizontally from the frame, and a timing system on the equipment Very important for molding. The center of the roller shaft has internal gears and drive journals. It is made of high-strength cast steel. The briquetting equipment (ring or module) is combined with the shaft center in different ways, such as hot-burning or clamping with or without pins. the way. The stamper is cut, rolled, ground, and electrochemically cleaned. Other optional machine properties include water cooling of the rollers and other key parts, roller chambers (such as dust), and electronic control systems for different operating conditions.
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