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Application of ball press in fertilizer extrusion granulation (2)

Application of ball press in fertilizer extrusion granulation:
The extruded material must be crushed to a certain range of particles. The performance of the crushing equipment is very important, because the proportion of particles of generally qualified products is often the key to determining the success of a set of equipment. The sheeting, grinding and optimization of the extruded materials are different according to the requirements of the solid materials after the crushing. The large piece after extrusion contains regions with different densities and strengths, and its characteristics are determined by the raw materials. Some products, such as potash fertilizers, have large pieces of high strength and brittleness soon, while most other fertilizers, such as phosphorus-containing fertilizers and organic NPK compound fertilizers, produce large pieces that are hardened by chemical reactions during storage, so In order to obtain a narrower particle distribution range and a higher yield, different filming methods and equipment must be selected.
Because the granular fertilizer can not produce too much fine powder during transportation, storage and application, when the high strength and brittle large pieces are broken, a stronger impact force must be used to destroy the softer part of the granule. At this time, an impact mill can be used. If the extruded material is soft or plastic, other mills are needed, such as rollers with groove twists, mating or staggered discs, and threads of different shapes. In the tabletting and grinding stages, the amount of fine powder in the circulation circuit must be minimal, and the shape of the particles should be as round or square as possible. Therefore, the selection and optimization of granulation equipment is very important for each set of fertilizer extrusion / granulation In order to increase the yield, a secondary or higher level granulation system can be used.
The most important thing in auxiliary equipment is sieving, because it largely determines the actual output and quality of the product. The screening equipment must have a precise separation effect, so that no product particles remain on the screen, and there are no oversized particles and unqualified fine powder in the product. In order to achieve some goals, multi-stage screens are generally used, and screens with vibrating frames have been replaced by vibrating screens. Most of the extrusion energy is converted into latent heat, which makes many fertilizers plastic and sticky. These materials will stick to the sieve and transportation equipment, and the material's fluidity will be poor. These characteristics and conditions need to be considered in the device design. Generally, it is almost impossible to completely solve these problems in theory, so only through testing on the experimental device or through experience. This also means that the design of each unit must be adapted to the specific fertilizer formula and local conditions. However, the biggest feature of the fertilizer extrusion granulation device is that many parameters can be adjusted, which can adapt to a wide range of raw materials.
Although many conventional fertilizer plants are still using the wet granulation process to produce pellet-like fertilizers, the extrusion granulation process has many advantages, among which are important: low energy consumption, no need for liquid binders, and a wide range of particle distribution. The composition of raw materials and feeds is flexible, and the capacity is applicable to a wide range, suitable for large or small devices.
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