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Notes on briquette briquette machine using inferior coal as raw material

The briquette briquette machine uses inferior coal as raw material has no effect on the performance of the ball machine, but adjusts the flammability equation of the finished ball. Can be equipped with organic binders, such as coal tar pitch. The use of organic binders can increase the ratio of combustibles to non-combustibles in briquettes, but requires hot-pressing and post-treatment for ball formation. Because the softening temperature of the organic binder is relatively low, if it can undergo oxidation treatment to discharge low-boiling components, it can increase its softening temperature and temperature. The best solution is to use the above-mentioned substances as additives and a suitable amount of sticky coal as Bonding agent thermoforming. But it should also be pointed out that coal contains an appropriate amount of moisture in the boiler (referred to as laminar combustion can also enhance combustion, the mechanism is as follows: when the volatiles are almost burned out, the temperature of the coke increases, and once oxygen is dispersed on the hot coke surface, Ignition of coke can occur. When oxygen comes into contact with the hot coke surface, it first vaporizes on the surface to form SO and CO. The amount of this gas depends on the temperature. At about 1200 ° C, the percentages of the two gases are equal. When the temperature is higher, more carbon monoxide is formed. Therefore, the concentrations of various gases at different distances from the coke plutonium are different. When the higher concentration of carbon monoxide is scattered outward, it encounters oxygen to form carbon dioxide.
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