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Xinzhong Machinery always strives to improve the vertical dryer products. We provide you with vertical dryer products. Of course, you can also provide vertical dryer quotations. If you want to choose a vertical dryer manufacturer, we are of course your first choice for miles.
product manual:

Xinzhong vertical dryer is a new generation of drying equipment for mineral particles. Using the principle of low temperature and large air volume and gravity, the drying efficiency and comprehensive efficiency of the equipment can be greatly improved. Its characteristics are small footprint, low construction cost, no moving parts on the body, little maintenance, high drying efficiency, low production cost, reliable performance and complete specifications.

The main technical parameters:

Production / ton
Power KW
twenty two

First, the vertical dryer function introduction:

Vertical industrial coal dryer is also called vertical dryer. Vertical dryer is not based on the traditional dryer. Under the condition that there is no rule to follow, in the face of the large investment and the large failure rate of the existing briquette dryers, the low temperature and large air volume and the The principle of gravity, after several stages such as research and development design, industrialization test, product replacement and upgrading, and put into operation on a large scale, a product that lasted for several years and was successful. In the product, it fully reflects the applicable innovation, expands the efficiency, reduces the cost, and improves the quality. Safe production and environmental protection are ideal equipment for briquette production lines for drying.

Principles and characteristics of vertical dryer:

The formed "water ball" is conveyed to the furnace top by the belt conveyor, and is evenly distributed to the whole section of the furnace top by the distributing device. On its running track, the briquette exchanges heat with strong wind while slowly moving down by gravity. Moisture evaporated by briquettes is taken away randomly by strong winds. The briquette is fully dried after about two hours of evaporation. Economic Features: Compared with the current universal dryer, the investment amount is reduced by 1/2; the floor area is 1 / 5-1 / 3; the energy consumption and operating costs are greatly reduced. Use characteristics: This product has good process matching, easy to connect with other equipment in the production line and realize automation. The equipment is easy to operate and simple to maintain. The dryer body has no mechanical moving parts and requires no maintenance on a daily basis. Continuous operation, high efficiency and large output. For a large-scale chemical fertilizer plant, drying coal rods has achieved good results: the coal rods entering the gas-making furnace, the moisture content has dropped to about 3%, and the gas production has increased significantly; a large amount of labor has been saved, labor intensity has been reduced, and the site has been saved. Increased production.

Third, the quality characteristics of vertical dryer:

After the pulverized coal is pressed and formed by the forming machine, the moisture is usually 12-14%. After drying, its moisture is reduced to 2-4%, which can meet the requirements of strength and storage and transportation. On this basis, after adaptive modification, the water content can be reduced to less than 1.5%; particles such as lump ore and coal sticks can also be dried.

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