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Xinzhong Machinery always strives to make the ball press production line products better. We provide you with ball press production line products. Of course, we can also provide ball press production line quotes. If you want to choose a ball press production line manufacturer, we are of course your first choice for miles.
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Ball press production line process

The equipment of the ball press production line is a complete set of equipment for making balls from raw materials. The equipment used is also very comprehensive. After the installation of the ball press production line is completed, from the loading of materials, to finished products, to drying, to product Fully automatic power distribution cabinet operation is a full-automatic ball press production line equipment. The introduction from the main line of the production line-ball press: Xinzhong ore powder ball press is the main motor: via v-belt, passed to the reducer, decelerate The coupling is connected to the drive shaft and transmitted to the driving shaft by a pair of open gears to ensure the synchronization of the two roller shafts (constant speed reverse) in which the piston of the passive roller hydraulic cylinder is held against the constant pressure type by the inclined iron. From the storage bin to the molding machine hopper uniformly through the quantitative equipment, adjusted by the adjustment shutter on the hopper, so that the material evenly enters the middle of the pair of rollers, and the unit pressure of the material is compressed by the constant-speed reverse rotation of the roller. Large, the forming pressure reaches the maximum at the connecting line of the center of the pair of rolls. After the material passes the line, the forming pressure rapidly decreases so that the material enters the ball dropping state, and the ball is smoothly dropped. Xinzhong Machinery's newly developed four-roller secondary pressure ball press has a national patent and is the first in China. Stress can increase several times. Its main structure is changed to three-way feeding based on the original one-way feeding. The main roller and the auxiliary roller are pressed against each other to compact the hemisphere. The two hemispheres compacted with the rotation of the main roller are pressed in the middle of the feed for a second time, so that the pressure is doubled. This machine has obvious effect on relatively loose materials, such as coke powder, scale, dusting ash, sludge, etc., and has an extraordinary effect.

Installation of ball press production line

Description of the ball crusher process: jaw crusher: crushed mineral powder material, compound crusher: further crush the material to meet the requirements of ball pressing, vibrating screen: screen the crushed material to meet the requirements The return and re-crushing, mixer: Mix the accurately measured materials in proportion to make the dryness and wetness of various materials to achieve the purpose of evenly pressing the ball. The purpose of selecting dual shafts is to increase the mixing time and make the mixed materials more uniform. , Mineral powder ball pressing machine: Force the extrusion of the stirred material. Compress the density of each material to make the molded product with high strength and high density. Dryer: Convey the molded product into the dryer with a conveyor for high-temperature drying. The heat source can be coal (hot blast stove), gas, oil, etc. The hot air enters each air duct in the dryer through a high-temperature fan, and the hot air in the cylinder is crisscrossed to achieve the purpose of drying by high pressure. The stable output of the product can be directly used in the furnace. Two-bin batching machine: The two-bin batching machine performs electronic metering and batching according to the type of raw materials and the respective proportions, so that the produced briquettes are produced according to the quality required by the factory. Conveyor: connection Conveying and transportation between ball press production lines.

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