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The main contents of the current pre-sale service:
To maintain the quality and good reputation of the Xinzhong brand, our company will provide the most satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service to our customers with a high-quality service attitude and consistent service enthusiasm. Therefore, our company has developed a series of The specific contents of pre-sale and after-sale services such as planning, design, site survey, equipment installation and commissioning, maintenance, etc., truly achieve first-class products and first-class service.

I. Pre-sale services:
According to the customer's needs, timely provide the technical information of the relevant ball press equipment for customers' initial selection and understanding of the relevant performance of our equipment. Assist customers to come to the factory to do incoming testing, performance analysis, equipment sizing, and configuration selection. Provide equipment structure layout, basic positioning and other drawings, so that customers can make basic preparations for the selected equipment in advance.
(1) Selection of equipment model.
(2) Design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers.
(3) Training technical staff for customers.
(4) The company sends engineering technicians to the user's site for free to plan the site and design the best process and scheme for the user.
Service during sale:
Once the contract comes into effect, the terms of the contract will be strictly enforced, with the principle of quality first, and the ISO9001: 2000 standard quality management system requirements will always be implemented during the production process. And often maintain technical connection and liaison with customers to ensure that the products delivered meet customer production, process, and technical quality requirements.

Third, after-sales service:
1. Personnel situation: After years of development and hard work, our factory has established a complete service system, and has a group of installation and commissioning personnel who are skilled, conscientious and responsible, and have good ideology. 50 commissioning personnel can provide users with timely and high-quality services.
2. Equipment installation and commissioning: After the equipment arrives at the demander, it will receive the notice of installation and commissioning from the demander, and the supplier will immediately send personnel to the site of the demander to install and debug the equipment.
3. Personnel training: When the installation and commissioning personnel are in the process of installation and commissioning, the operator on the demand side will explain the working principles, operating procedures, disassembly steps, maintenance and precautions of each component of the equipment, and perform field operations demonstration. It can master the basic knowledge, structure and performance characteristics of the equipment, be proficient in operation, and can easily deal with problems that may be encountered during the operation of the equipment, and reach the technical level of orderly management and daily maintenance of the equipment. Master the use of equipment theory and practical experience to produce qualified products.
4. Service response time during the warranty period: Respond within 2 hours after receiving the call for repairs, and rush to the site to repair the equipment within 24 hours.
5. Maintenance service charges: During the warranty period of the equipment, if the maintenance service caused by the quality of the equipment itself, the supplier is responsible, and the supplier provides spare parts for free. If the equipment maintenance service caused by the use of man-made factors of the manufacturer, the supplier charges the cost price of spare parts. After the warranty period of the equipment, service is provided for life, spare parts are provided at cost, and service fees are waived.
6, after-sales service spare parts inventory guarantee: the supplier has sufficient spare parts and spare parts, and it will be sent out within 6 hours according to the user's needs.
7, technical services: technical problems encountered in use, the supplier to provide free technical advice.
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